Admissions Requirements

In order for children to be accepted into Joyful Noise Academy:

  1. They must be 16 months of age and walking
  2. Parents must submit completed registration forms along with a non-refundable registration fee of $60
  3. Each child must have a current health form, completed by parents and a physician; this health form must list a record of the immunizations and is the responsibility of the parents to keep the immunizations current as required by the State of Kansas

Joyful Noise Academy does not discriminate in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, or sex.

Curriculum Goals

While each teacher brings to the classroom his/her own style and personality, three important goals are consistent through the program:

Christ-centered: Not only do we teach the Bible and Biblical concepts, but we also strive to integrate the love of God through the program. Often, spontaneous events provide the best setting for sharing with a young child about God and Jesus. Children are taught that they are special and unique, made by God for a special purpose, and that God desires to have fellowship with them personally (through prayer, learning about his word, etc.).

Developmentally Appropriate: This means that the staff is trained and expected to provide activities that take into account how young children develop and learn. Young children neither think nor learn like adults; they are concrete thinkers who learn by doing. Therefore, they must be allowed to move around freely to explore in order for maximum learning to take place. In addition, language and pre-reading skills develop best when children are encouraged and challenged to express themselves verbally. The development of reasoning skills is much more desirable than that of rote memorization. We strive for an environment where natural curiosity and creativity flourish. In summary, childhood is viewed as a time to be relished rather than hurried through. We hope your child leaves this place believing that learning is fun!

Well-rounded: We believe that a superior program for young children views them as "whole persons." We understand that they have emotional, physical, spiritual, social, creative, and cognitive needs that are integrally related. We therefore approach early childhood education with a necessity for addressing all aspects of the child's
"self." Curriculum plans for each child will include activities to enhance his/her development in: math, science, creative arts, language arts, social studies, movement, Bible and music.